So,are you ready for Spring 2014 ?


These days I see so many spring outfits and pieces on the blogs, in the stores. But here is still winter and will be maybe a month before I can ditch the coats. But I also already picked some of my favorite trends and pieces for this season. So, here are some of my favorite trends: 

A rainbow of soft springtime shades - from minty-green to lilac and baby blue . You can pick one, or you can mix them all togheter and still be on trend.

Boxy, Cropped Jackets and Bomber Jackets
Wheter you choose the boxy cropped silhouette or the edgier and colorful sprty-cool bomber jackets - you are spot on. They are easier to match with body-con dresses, tailored trousers or high-waisted skirts.


Contrast Button-Downs
The crisp, menswear-inspired shirts are still very in - you can pick from amazing and cool colors and textures. The button-down is now essential.

Exciting Portraits
One of the most interesting things from this season's fashion weeks were the portaits- dresses, shirts and coats. You can see them everywhere on everybody. And I'm really exciting to try it on.


  1. I am more than ready! Love the tips ;)

  2. Oh my gosh, I wish I was ready for Spring! It is so cold in Cleveland today...high of 24 F and low of 17 F for today. I cannot wait to be able to wear fun things like the ones you have pictured above but till then sweaters it is!

  3. I LOVE that bird print shirt, and the yellow jacket! <3

  4. Well, I am not ready for the spring yet. I like your outfits.

  5. I think its better to choose wholesale clothing
    stores, because its cheaper.

  6. I like the blazer.